What Is Mean Stack.

Nowadays MEAN stack is getting popular in making web applications or websites. So let’s look at what is MEAN stack and what are its advantages.

MEAN stack consist of technologies to develop web applications and i.e. M for mongoDB, E for express JS, A for AngularJS, and N for Node JS.

These are the elements which makes the MEAN stack. So first of all let’s know about these elements.


MongoDB is a schema less database written in C++. It is a nosql database it means that it doesn’t store data in tabular form. Instead It stores data in Json format. Data is stored in different documents and any document have any type of data. Data can be accessed through queries and many other ways. MongoDB is scalable and sharding is one of its advantage too.

Express JS

Express js is the standard framework for NodeJS. It is used to work on server side of web applications. this framework is  simple and lightweight but very powerful. expressJS is highly used for creating API.  Also It can be used with databases like MongoDB and mongoose. It simplifies the making of web applications combined with MEAN stack.


AngularJS is a framework of JS. It is used for creating interactive front end web applications. Angular is designed by google and it is used by various big companies. AngularJS is open source as all components of MEAN stack so you can have various free libraries or repositories by its community members. It can make cross platform front end designs.

Node JS

Node JS is a JavaScript runtime used for creating back end web application services. Node is great for creating APIs. It is secure and open source. It is highly scalable and simple too at the same time. Various companies use Node instead of other backend languages due to its less complex usability.

So here you get to know about the components of MEAN stack let’s look what are the advantages of MEAN stack.

  • Cross platform web applications support can be used to make hybrid Apps.
  • Highly scalable as it can easily manage big data Set.
  • Open source and free to use various libraries and repositories.
  • Cloud compatible as it allows cloud functionality to be used in web applications.
  • Cost effective as it only needs JS developers and it is free to use.

So here we can say that MEAN stack is a rapidly growing technology to make web applications. Because It is simpler and can easily develop any web application efficiently it is going to have a great future.

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