Top 5 Programming languages to learn in 2019.

Are you confused about what programming languages to learn in 2019? So don’t worry and have a look at our top 5 programming languages to learn in 2019 in terms of productivity, popularity, performance and scope.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world 6th time in a row. A survey conducted by stack overflow tells that javaScript is used by more than 60 percent of developers. That is why It is kept on top of top 5 programming languages.

It is used in making websites interactive and websites are everywhere therefore it is the need of the time. Primarily it was used for front end of website but one of its runtime node js. Is used for back end applications too. Angular , react , express its wide variety of frameworks provide various functionality.

Apart from web development game development and IOT is using JavaScript too. Big companies like Paypal, uber, netflix, Facebook have used JavaScript.

The average yearly salary of a JavaScript developer in India is ₹4 lac to 5 lac  it increases with experience.

2. Python

Python is becoming new favourite of developers as It has various uses. First of all it is easy to learn with simple syntax. It follows the concept of oops.It’s library have wide variety of modules.Data science is adapting python as a main language. Due to its easy use by maths and statistics oriented people.

It has different packages which provides different uses. Python is also one of the main language for internet of things. Web development can be done with python script and its django framework.

Salary of python developer according to their fields(i.e data science , iot, software engineer etc.) varies from 4 lac per annum to 10 lac per annum.

3. Java

According to stackoverflow survey java is used by 45% of developers across the world. Due to its object oriented  and robust nature It is still one of the most favourite language of the developers.

Java’s appealing feature is it is platform independent means after compilation of code it can run on any platform i.e. windows , mac, linux etc. Java is good in memory management by automatic garbage collection. Java is the main language in making of android apps. It is used a lot more than any other languages in android development. Java’s ecosystem is used to make other languages like scala, closure and kotlin.

Average salary of java developer in India is 4 lac to 5 lac. It increases with experience.

4. Swift

Swift is getting popular day by day. It is apple’s programming language.  It is made to develop apps for mac, ios , watchOs or tvOs. Swift is easy to learn and a beginner can learn it easily. So if you want to be into developing software for apple products you can learn it. Swift has very easy syntax. It has functional programing patterns and powerful error handling. It is in demand in future.

Average salary of swift developer is 4 lac in india.

But you can do some freelancer work too using it.

5. Go

Go is a new but very powerful language. It is develop by google. It gives you efficiency like java, c or c++ but flexibility like python. Go is an open source language so you can import different packages to do specific tasks. Also it provides cross platform support with garbage collection.You can make great efficient software with Go.

Go is not famous in India right now but you can have a great future with this language in India.



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