Top 5 in Demand Technologies to Learn

Choosing a great career in IT field is a big headache as here the in demand technologies keep changing at regular intervals or new technologies comes into play. So here we have brought the Top 5 in demand technologies for future. let’s see

5. Big data

Nowadays to have more information of what customer needs is really important for a company.But in this generation data is just getting created in high volume and  high velocity and this is called Big data. According to Facebook it processes about 500 terabytes of data per day and it will only accelerate in coming years. So here comes the need of big data engineers. They handle, process and analyze this big data which includes high volume, high velocity, inconsistent data and data in different formats.

The salaries of big data Engineer vary from ₹ 7 lac to 12 lac per annum.

4. Blockchain

Well when you hear the word Blockchain I am sure you get a word Bitcoins in your mind. The revolutionary currency is a example of blockchain the need of blockchain has developed numerous demand of blockchain developers. The role of core blockchain developers is to create secure blockchains by creating secure protocols to connect various blocks also to make the whole network architecture and supervise it. The role of blockchain software developer is to create user friendly front end application so the user can access or give data  to the back end.

The salaries of Blockchain developer in US is around $140000.

3. Cyber security

This is a career which never gets older it stays in demand every time. The increase in information technology has also increased the chances of our data being misused. Hacker can exploit the vulnerabilities of any web based applications or steal data which had happened in recent times. So too ensure the safe and secure flow of the data or working of any application we need cyber security experts. Cyber security experts are the need of time in even small businesses. They are of many categories like security software developer, security analyst, security architect, cryptographer etc. All this fields have great scope for future.

The salary of cyber security expert in India is around 5 to 8 lac.

2. Virtual and augmented reality

The VR and AR industries are growing at a very rapid pace. So the demand of the experts is also increasing. Virtual reality you must be aware of this may be you have seen it in movies or have experienced it with some VR gear but the future of VR is a lot more than that. The VR and AR market is expected to reach a revenue of 20 billion by 2020 from just 3.7 billion in 2016. So if you have skills you can get a great career here. Industry need various categories of people like content creator, software developer, UI & UX designer AR and VR creator etc. So there is a lot of job opportunities in this field. Some examples of VR and AR you use nowadays are apps like Pokemon go, filters on social media and other AR apps in play store.

This field pays you around 7 to 8 lacs per annum.

1.Artificial intelligence

You see AI everywhere nowadays. It’s in your personal assistant like siri, cortana, google assistant etc also it’s in your video apps which recommends  you what you like by just going through what you watched Not only this AI is getting more advanced and has been working in our gadgets or softwares since a long time. AI i.e. artificial intelligence is a way of teaching machine to learn and analyse things by itself and perform the needed task. The AI industry is getting bigger day by day because it is the need of the time. It makes the work a lot more easier, efficient and accurate. It is done by teaching machines to do specific task and then learn from it until it gets perfect. Some applications of AI are

  • Robotics.
  • Data analysis
  • Automation
  • Prediction
  • Medical applications

The AI market offers great career opportunities. What you just need is to learn the skills needed for it. The AI jobs in india pays you 6 to 10 lacs per annum. it increases with experience.

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