Top 5 android apps to earn paytm cash

Google play store is filled with various apps that pay you some paytm cash but there are various factors of these apps that makes them different. Some are badly criticized for their policies while some are praised for their quality. So here are Top 5 apps which I consider best due to their ease to earn paytm cash.

5. TaskBucks

TaskBucks is a app which provides you various opportunities to earn paytm cash. These are completing tasks i.e. downloading apps. Inviting friends and participating in daily contests. It has over 10 million + downloads and have a rating of 4.4 stars. So if cant do anything but download apps. So TaskBucks is a great choice for you to earn paytm cash.

4. Zupee gold

It is a game which pays you paytm cash for winning quizzes. It Contains various quiz tournaments which pays you coins that can be converted in to paytm cash. You can even submit your questions to them which if gets approved you get coins for that too. Zupee also have various gold tournaments which pays you even more. You will not get zupee on play store you can download it by searching on google.

3. Loco

Loco is a live trivia app which is very popular it have various trivias in a day. There are various theme quizzes too. By winning the quiz you get paytm cash. You can earn by playing games like bubble shooter, jungle gems etc. So there are a lot of option to win paytm cash. Loco has 10 million + download on play store.

 2. Baazi Now

It is a live trivia app it also have bingo game in it both the games pay you paytm cash for winning it.The live shows of this app have great and entertaining hosts so you will enjoy it. This app has trivia game, bingo game, poll game through out the day with great prizes. So your chance of winning is really high. It has More than 10 million downloads

 1. MPL (mobile premier league)

MPL is so popular now a days because it is easier to earn paytm cash on mpl than on any other apps. It provides various games in it like fruit chop, cricket, ninja jump and more than 20 more games. So by playing it you can easily earn good paytm cash. Now it has super team feature also in which you can make your own fantasy cricket team for matches and earn more money. It also have more than 10 million downloads.

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