Summer Tips To Keep Yourself Healthy and Cool

Summers has arrived and If you are living in north india You must be aware of the temperature. It is rising above 45 degrees and expected to remain same the upcoming week. Temperature is rising so is the  chances of various health problems like headache, upset stomach, heat stroke. So how to keep yourself healthy and cool in this summer of delhi. Following are some summer tips to beat the heat. These summer tips are very beneficial so you should note them down.

Drink plenty of liquid

water drink

Water is the need of this time to keep yourself cool you must drink plenty of water. The amount of water you should drink is 2 to 3 litres daily it will hydrate your body enough. Otherwise Dehydration can cause various problems like headache, fatigue, nose bleeding etc. That’s why drinking water is most important among all summer tips. You can occasionally drink lemonade, roohafza, coconut water or other healthy drinks but remember that don’t drink these drinks from outside stalls. They may be harmful as they contain unhygienic stuff. Also don’t drink too cold water directly taken from fridge, drink a little cold water not too much.

Try to stay inside

It is advised that go out only for  important things. Especially for older and childrens. The scorching heat outside is hot enough to give you a tough time outside. Old and childrens are very prone to get fainted or have any problems from this heat. So try to stay inside in the afternoon from 12 to 4. If you need to go outside then wear caps and carry a water bottle or some glucose drink with you. Also use sun cream to avoid sunburn.

Upgrade your wardrobe

sunny wear

Cotton and linen are the best fabric to wear this summer. These fabric feels very light and are good absorbent of moisture. They absorbs the sweat from your body and evaporate it again and again. Also the best thing about linen is that it do not gets dull overtime. So these fabric will keep you both cool and fashionable to a extent. Also only wear light color clothes as it will reflect back the heat But boys don’t try any random light color like yellow, white or any color that is not normal for guys to wear as lower as it will not look good. For lower you should wear only regular color pants, trouser or denims. Use sunglasses and sunscreen lotion to protect your eyes and skin. Don’t wear leather shoes until it is important wear breathable sport shoes, sneakers or floaters.

Upgrade your home


You can change various things in your home this summer. The paint of outside of home should be light. You can change your bed sheets to light color cotton bedsheets. Also change your curtain to dark color. If your window has transparent glass from where sun rays comes in. You can cover it too by some light color paper. Fill your balcony with some plants it will keep the area cool.

Eat or drink wisely


In summers there is various complaints of upset stomach as the food is not digested properly if we take heavy meals. So reduce your diet size to what you can digest properly. Foods like curd, buttermilk are good for your stomach. Eat seasonal fruits like mango, watermelon, muskmelon etc. Cucumber, mint, coconut water are great to cool your body. Avoid oily foods or limit them to some extent especially at night. Replace cold drinks with fresh fruit juice or lemonade. Stay away from cold drinks as it will only dehydrate your body. Reduce or avoid tea or coffee instead drink green tea or lemon tea. Always try to maintain proper hygiene while eating.

So do follow these summer tips and be cool and healthy this summer.

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