Huawei mate X

Img source Huawei.com

Huawei has introduced the future technology mobile Huawei mate x. The most highlighted feature of this device is that It has a 8 inch oled  display which can be folded to make it like a smartphone with 6.8 inch screen on front and 6.2 on back. The foldability of the phone is so smooth.

And it looks great with its stylish less bezel display. After folding it is 11mm thick and in its full screen

It is about 5mm thick so work has been done on its appearance. Also It has fingerprint sensor on its side. Lets look at other features apart from foldability.

Img source Huawei.com

It is packed with kirin 980 processor and 8gb ram with internal storage of 512 gb. They are claiming it to be the fastest foldable phone.

It has leica triple camera on its sidebar which work as front cameras too. It has a new Innovative. Feature with dual screen subject can see himself while the picture is being clicked.

Img source Huawei.com

It comes with 4500mah battery backup with 55 watts super charge technology it is fastest charge technology. The phone gets charged to 85 percent in just 30 minutes.

The phone has 5G connectivity technology. It comes with latest Android.

The price of the phone is said to be 2299 euros.

So let’s see how much people will like this amazing Innovative phone on this price and with the given features.


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