Creative Careers without degree.

So you Don’t think that you gonna get good job with the degree you have or don’t want to enter the mainstream jobs? Want to choose some creative career with the skills you have? Then you have come to right place. Here is the list of various in demand careers which do not need any college degree. You can even learn adequate skills to pursue this career from internet.

Graphic designing:

graphic designer

It is a great career option because it is in massive demand in today’s world. Any advertising you see in form of posters or social media posts or any printed magazines etc. All are work of graphic designer. The increase in various industries has led to hike in demand of graphic designer. Every industry nowadays need graphic designer. As a graphic designer if you are experienced you can earn on average 50000 per month. Beginners too can earn around 15000. You can do freelance work too. The work includes video editing, poster or logo making , Photo editing etc.


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If you are a skilled photographer then no one can steal your opportunity of earning great money. Nowadays photography has become demanding profession thanks to fashion industries, film industries , Wedding industries etc. Today you can get an amount of 10,000 by just shooting for 2 or 3 hours. As a photographer your main target should be to able to click good pictures in any situation. A skilled photographer can earn any amount of money. You should practice a lot to be a great photographer these skills comes from practice and experience. you can learn photography from your friends and family who knows it or can have an online course or can go for a professional course.


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If you are good in writing and think that you can write good quality content for a living then it’s a good option. However blogging don’t pay much in beginning but if you work hard you can earn good amount very soon. You can be a fashion blogger, tech blogger, fitness blogger or anything in which you are good. Various companies give their products to bloggers to write about them after they become famous on Internet. So it is a great career option if you work hard.

Startup/ business:


Well in this field you can earn indefinite amount of money according to your hard work. It is the best career you can choose. Don’t rely on jobs when you can create jobs. You can start anything a small shop of clothes, food , mobiles, gym anything which you like or do some creative according to the needs of consumers. If you do work hard in your business then no one can stop you from being a rich person. We must understand that every business start from small it’s on you how big will you make it. Yes you need invest ¬†money in the beginning but if you work hard You will get multiple of that investment.

Apart from this you can choose following careers too:

  • YouTube channel
  • Fitness trainer
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Story telling
  • Wedding planner

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