Artificial Passenger

What is artificial passenger

  • A sleep prevention dialogue based car system.
  • Design to make long solo journey more enjoyable and  safer.
  • Prevent driver’s drowsiness via the speech interactivity

What does it do?

  • Engage in conversation with driver related to his interest.
  • Also amuse the driver with the interactive games or jokes.
  • More stimulating content for driver who appears to be fatigued.

Components Used

  • Automatic speech recognition.(ASR)
  • Natural language processor.(NLP)
  • Driver analyzer.
  • Conversational planner
  • Alarm.
  • External service provider


  • Camera rigged on to the steering wheel will monitor the eye closure frequency.
  • If frequency exceed the threshold frequency , artificial passenger will be activated. 
  • The system has a conversation planner that holds a profile of you, including details of your interests and profession.
  • A microphone picks up your answer and breaks it down into separate words with speech-recognition software.
  • A camera built into the dashboard also tracks your lip movements to improve the accuracy of speech recognition.
  • A voice analyzer then looks for signs of tiredness by checking to see if the answer matches your profile. Slow responses and lack of attention are signs of fatigue.
  • If you reply quickly and clearly, the system judges you to be alert and tells the conversation planner to continue the line of questioning.
  • If your response is slow or doesn’t make sense, the voice analyzer assumes you are dropping off and acts to get your attention.
  • If driver displays signs of fatigue, the artificial passenger might be programmed to open all the windows, sound a buzzer, increase background music volume, or even spray the driver with ice water.


Artificial passenger is a great technology to have in our vehicles. It is a great way to prevent accident by alerting the driver at the right time. Work should be done to make it more precise.


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