5 Daily Habits for Improving quality of Your Life

So you are thinking how to improve the quality of life or How to improve lifestyle then you have come to right place. Here are the 5 daily habits to improve your life. if you follow these habits you will surely see great positive changes in you.

Early to bed and early to rise.

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It is so basic you may be heard this from your elders or have read about it in books that early to bed and early to rise is a good habit. It actually is a good habit that improves various things in your life. In early days humans used to sleep as soon as the sun sets and wake up as early as the sun rise. This habit is still in us and if we adapt this again our brain feels more refreshed after sleep.

According to a study following this habit increase the production of growth hormone in body. Another benefit of waking up early is that u gets a lot of day time you can go on a walk in this time. You can do exercise  or can do something productive with this more time you get. You will not need to hurry to go to school or work because you have that extra time. Also when you wake up early and do productive work ultimately you will sleep early and have a good sleep and that’s what you want. In the beginning You should stop convincing yourself to sleep again or stick to bed in morning it is difficult in the beginning but within a week you will be used to it.

Physical activities


In this modern life we don’t have time to do exercise or any physical activities. Which is leading to high rate of lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc. You need to give some time to physical activities it will improve your overall health. Don’t just make excuses that you don’t have time. Even if you do some exercises for just 15- 20 min it will benefit you by burning those extra calories, making you stronger, regulating your metabolism, lower your stress and gives many more benefits.

So If you follow the above early waking up habit you will definitely have time in the morning to do any physical activity. I will tell you by my experience that in beginning you will make excuses to skip your exercise but if you keep going and then you see yourself fitter than ever you will never want to skip or quit exercising. So make a exercise routine, fill your playlist with your favourite songs and just follow the routine. It will surely improve your life quality.

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Healthy eating

food healthy

Healthy eating is very important today. Many of the diseases can be prevented or cured if a person eat healthy. Unfortunately nowadays people are going more towards junk food with lots of fried foods, sugary food etc. Some even don’t know how much food they have to eat with certain amount of macro and micro nutrients. According to national family health survey 50 percent of indians eat an unbalanced diet. They don’t have balanced amount of  carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins in their diet. Eating an unhealthy diet leads to various health risks like diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure etc.

So what you can do is go to your grocery store and fill your bag with fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods and dairy products. First You need to eat according to your maintenance calories and amount of activities you do. Eat adequate amount of protein as it is lacking in the diet of indian people nowadays especially women. Eat  fruit and vegetables everyday as it will provide you with vitamins and minerals. Whole grain food will give you write amount of fibre. Dairy products and eggs will give you right amount of protein. Reduce your caffeine intake to 150mg only. Drink 2.5 litres of water. If you follow this healthy eating lifestyle you will see positive changes in yourself.

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Learn new things in free time


There is no friend as loyal as knowledge and skills. Rightly said because if you have knowledge you can achieve anything you want can tackle any situation. By Learning I don’t mean that doing a full time course or by any formal education yes these are important but i am telling about things apart from these. Things which are useful in daily life like you can read books in free time. Every book teaches you something useful. You can also use internet in a right way to learn something like you can learn making healthy and delicious dishes. If you want to learn a new language then also use your free time to do so. You can learn drawing , art and craft and decorate your home with self made things.

For your mental well being you can learn how to meditate or which food to eat for being healthy. So just try to expand your knowledge every time you get chance. Also don’t keep it limited to yourself share your knowledge with your friends and family also learn from them too.

Spent time with family and Go on Vacations

family vacation

Human is a social animal and we are born to explore. Sitting in our home isolating us may be gives us some relaxation but it is not good in long term even you also feel very low by being in same place every time. Life is too short why should we waste it by running the rat race and then preparing to run again on the next day. This lifestyle is only taking our time and giving us anxiety, stress, loneliness etc.

According to a study people who are not social and don’t go on vacations have high chance of various mental health risks Because they have high amount of stress and anxiety. So why are you still waiting don’t just again waste this weekend by watching tv or using phone lying on your couch. Just pack your bags and go on a tour with friends and family or if you don’t have enough time then too for god sake please spent some time with your friends and family. Many people regret later that they didn’t spend time with their friends and family or didn’t went for a vacation. Once you get this habit of socializing and travelling you will feel awesome than never before you will live life as it should be. So what’s your plan this weekend?

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